G2 Transportation Company LLC is dedicated to providing safe, fun and reliable transportation. Our drivers are certified by the Department of Transportation, which means they have completed the necessary classroom training with DOT certification. All of our bus drivers have also completed and passed a background check. Our bus gets routine maintenance along with DOT safety inspections regularly to make sure it is not only safe, but top-notch and working perfectly.

Terms of Agreement

If for any reason the renter needs to cancel, the renter’s credit card will be charged a $50 cancellation fee PLUS a trip fee according to the below details:

      • Between 14-30 days – charged 25% of the total booked fee
      • Between 8-13 days – charged 50% of the total booked fee
      • 7 days or less – charged 100% of the total booked fee
      • Day of cancel – charged 100% + 10% tip

No charges will be incurred if a reservation is cancelled and we are able to re-book the bus so long as we mutually agree on terms.

All of our bookings are based upon the time frame the renter selects allowing us to book other times for customers before and after, if possible. If an event ends early, the renter will be charged for the total time frame initially booked.

If the renter does not show at the designated pick-up location within fifteen (15) minutes of the start time of his/her booking, a “No Show Fee” equal to 100% of the total booking, including a 10% tip, will be charged.  This includes any cancellations after a driver has reached or is in route to a reservation’s location.

G2 Transportation Company, LLC accepts cash or credit/debit card. We require the renter’s credit card up front to hold the booking regardless of the desired final method of payment. The renter’s credit card on file will be used for any party bus damages, cancellations, or no shows. The renter is responsible for the full payment of any overtime used beyond his/her booking time frame which will be charged per hour over the booking time frame.  Overtime is charged in 1 hour increments and begins at 15 minutes into the hour. The booking is considered complete once all customers and their belongings are removed from the bus and it is clear for the driver to leave.

G2 Transportation Company, LLC, and our drivers, are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Renters are solely responsible for belongings brought to or on the bus.  

G2 Transportation Company, LLC does not offer ice, alcohol, soft drinks or water, however customers are allowed to bring said items onto the bus. Any broken glass on the bus will result in a $50.00 charge. Any damage to the bus or vomiting on the bus will result in extra clean-up charges ranging between $100.00-$300.00. Renter agrees that any passenger on the bus under 21 years of age will not consume, possess, or distribute alcoholic beverages of any kind. The renter will solely accept any and all liability that may arise due to underage consumption or possession, including fines, court costs, and attorney fees.  If at any time minors consume drugs or alcohol the service will be canceled immediately with no refund and all passengers will be immediately returned to the original pick up location. In the event G2 Transportation Company, LLC is unable to collect any sums due from renter, renter agrees that, in addition to such fees, renter shall be liable to G2 Transportation Company, LLC for any and all costs of collection, including attorney’s fees.

The renter agrees that no illegal drugs of any kind may be possessed, consumed, or distributed while in a bus owned by G2 Transportation Company, LLC. The renter agrees that the maximum capacity of passengers will not be exceeded at any time. If at any time the bus driver shall feel threatened, the driver will have the right to discontinue the event without any refunds and will drop all passengers off at the nearest safe location. If at any time minors consume drugs or alcohol the service will be canceled immediately with no refund and the minors will be returned to the original pick up location.

G2 Transportation Company, LLC does not guarantee arrival at or departure from any point at a specific time due to circumstances beyond its control such as accidents, breakdowns, traffic, road conditions, storms, etc. and shall not be liable for claims resulting from delays at any point.

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